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Health Insurance
Get the latest news, reviews and promotional packages about the various Health Insurance packages available in Thailand. Also selected articles about insurance packages that are suitable for Thais, expats and visiting Tourists.
Source: TMN  Aug 28, 2018
Most medical insurance plans sold in Thailand, including those packaged with life insurance policies, focus on providing basic hospital Inpatient (IPD) coverage. With IPD coverage, a doctor has to admit you to the hospital to stay overnight. To get you admitted, the doctor has to certify that you have a medical problem that requires you to stay in the hospital at least one night. (While some in...
Staff Writer, TMN  Jul 10, 2018
International health insurance for expats: How to choose between local insurance or an international health insurance plan. When is expat medical insurance necessary? At what point do you need to consider international health insurance? How can you choose between so many expat medical insurance plans? There are numerous factors to consider when looking to live and work abroad, n...