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Keeping you informed with all the latest developments in the Thailand Hospital scene and also news about Hospitals and Polyclinics trends around the world.
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Source: World Medical Centre  Nov 06, 2018
World Medical Hospital recently organized A Health Market; “WMC Healthy Market 2018” at its premises which ran from the 2nd to 4th  of November . The market featured a variety of booths and vendors from various aspects of the health industry and was well received by both visitors and patients at its hospital.
Samitivej Hospital  Oct 25, 2018
Samitivej Hospital wins the ‘Most Improved Hospital in Thailand’ at the international Asian Hospital Management Awards 2018 Samitivej Hospital has strengthened its reputation among the international community after it was presented with ‘The Most Improved Hospital in Thailand’ award at the AHMA Awards 2018, with Chairat Panthuraamphorn, M.D., CEO of Samitivej and BNH hosp...
Source: Phyathai 2  Jul 11, 2018
Phyathai 2 Hospital moves forward with their Centers of Excellence policy, invested more than 100 million baht ($3.12 million) into the Heart Center in efforts to optimize the quality of care and outfit with the most cutting edge medical technology to be the foremost cardiac treatment center in Asia.    Dr. Thouantosaporn Suwanjutah, Heart Center Director of Phyathai 2 Hospital said th...
Source: National News Bureau Of Thailand  Jul 04, 2018
Bumrungrad Hospital has unveiled a robotic surgery facility offering more accurate spinal procedures that lead to reduced recovery time. Bumrungrad Hospital has held a demonstration of its spinal surgery assistance robot, showcasing the machines ability to aid surgeons in targeting areas for operation and for directing screws implanted to reconnect spinal sections. The robot arm has complete fr...
Source: Wattanosoth Hospital  Jul 03, 2018
The results achieved by the latest cancer treatments continue to exceed expectations. Examples include: minimally invasive surgery to remove a piece or entire suspicious tumours; chemotherapy to eliminate reproducing cells; targeted therapies to precisely stop cancer from growing and spreading by targeting at specific genes and proteins; and radiosurgery to eradicate cancerous cells.   Asso...